Thursday, November 8, 2012

Registration is now Open!

Registration is now open to register for the 57th CSW to be held at the UN, in New York. Organizations, such as NCWC, with ECOSOC status can register up to 20 delegates. All delegates for NCWC will be responsible for their own costs. All delegates must be members of NCWC.
Registration is from 5 November to 23 January 2013

All participants must be pre-registered by 23 January 2013. Once all required information has been entered into CSO-Net, a letter confirming the participant's pre-registration can be printed and used in obtaining a visa, if necessary.

The address where the participant will be staying in New York during the session needs to be added in the system prior to onsite registration. Once this information has been entered, a grounds pass form can be printed. Participants will be required to show these forms at onsite registration in order to obtain a grounds pass. 

Please note that participants may need a secondary pass to gain access to open official meetings of the session. In such case, one or two secondary passes per organization will be distributed at or near the registration site.
The United Nations will not facilitate arrangements, or pay for any costs, such as travel, visa or accommodation expenses, for participants. Such arrangements and costs are the exclusive responsibility of the participants. The United Nations does not charge fees for participation in the Commission on the Status of Women sessions. 

Additional information about the session, its organization of work, meetings and documentation, will be shortly available at .

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