Saturday, October 20, 2012

NCWC and CFUW submit Brief to the Human Rights Council

The National Council of Women of Canada and the Canadian Federation of University Women have submitted a Brief to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review  of Canada. You can see the whole report here. 

A significant part of the 20 page submission talks about the issue of Violence Against Women - the theme of this year's CSW.

From the introduction: 
Since Canada’s last Universal Periodic Review in 2009, little action has been taken to improve the rights of women in Canada. Notably there has been a lack of effective measures to prevent violence against women, particularly Aboriginal women, and extreme forms of violence such as torture in the private sphere. Housing insecurity, poverty, access to justice and programs and services, and pay equity also remain issues for many women, in particular, those who are Aboriginal, racialized, living with disabilities, or single mothers. Gender equality in Canada has been further eroded in recent years due to several measures initiated by the Government of Canada, such as the cuts to women’s organizations, programs and services (see Annex I), changes to the licensing and registration of long guns, weakening the measures to enforce pay equity, and the cancellation of key data-collection tools to support the development of policies, programs and services for women.

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