Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Parallel Event Planned by NCWC!

All will be welcome to attend the workshop being planned by NCWC during the upcoming meeting of the CSW.

This is an important topic.  Come prepared to share, to learn, and to listen.

When: Tuesday, March 5

Time: 12:30 pm

Where: Taiwan Representative's Office in New York,

1 East 42nd St., 4th Floor, (auditorium)


 Violence against Women in the Name of God: Who Interprets the Sacred Texts?

Dr. Nazila Isgandarova        

Many forms of violence or practices against women and girls around the world are justified in the name of religion, culture, and tradition. The majority of women want to improve their situations by calling for a new interpretation of the sacred texts while respecting religious, cultural, and national identities. An interactive workshop will discuss the concerns of authority or power of interpreting the sacred texts and how it impacts the lives of women. The participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences in order to enrich the learning opportunity and bring an awareness of the power of interpreting the sacred texts.

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