Monday, February 11, 2013

Comments welcome on the NGO North America/EuropeanDraft Document!

For CSW 57, NGOs have an exciting opportunity to tell the UN what we want the governments to do about Violence Against Women and Girls. 
Give us your organization's comments on the NGO North America/Europe draft document, available here. This document has been drafted by the independent editing committee appointed by the NGO CSW/NY. Your inputs will be considered for Draft TWO of the NGO North America/Europe document that will be shared with governments and the UN. 

Deadline is 25 February to post your group's ideas.

What is this document? Click below:*Dey2XIHHmgKnKxmwzHXSEBrv9e*Cm8rwxc*cnB*XJG8*ujHG-ByHS7KnjYDHKytfb6yIJRIf*Hszobk2*Ahc03xl4/NGOCSWdocumentforNAmericaandEuropeDRAFT1_20_FINAL.pdf

  1. Share this document with your NGO
  2. Identify your organization's own editor or group to collect your members' comments and rewrite into one message 250 words or less 
  3. Post your organization's ideas to the dedicated social media network
  4. ONLY organization-wide comments can be posted; individual’s comments will be deleted
  5. Comments must be synthesized into 250 words or less
  6. Deadline is 25 February 2013
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