Friday, February 22, 2013

More on Passes and Access to Events at the CSW

The following types of passes will apply during CSW57:

• United Nations grounds pass:
a blue plastic badge that has a photo of the bearer on it. By itself, it does not give access to the
North Lawn Building. It must be used with a secondary access pass.
• Secondary access pass:
a laminated coloured cardboard non-photo pass that is only valid when it is accompanied by a
valid United Nations grounds pass. During CSW57, they will be issued to give access to the North
Lawn Building. This pass can be used for the duration of the session. It is transferable and
may be shared with any NGO representative who has a grounds pass.
• Side event ticket (SET):
a coloured cardboard ticket with the date, time and location of the room to which it gives access in
the North Lawn Building or the General Assembly Hall.
• Temporary Non-Photo ID pass:
a laminated cardboard ticket with the name of the bearer, which is valid for no more than five days
or a specific meeting or event. They are usually used by speakers.
Secondary access passes give participants access to official meetings or overflow rooms in the North Lawn Building.
SETs are needed for access to the opening of the session in the General Assembly Hall (fourth balcony for NGOs) and
for side events that take place in the North Lawn Building.
Two secondary access passes will be given to each organization to be shared amongst its delegates. These passes will
be given out, as long as supplies last, at the CSW Information Desk in the General Assembly Lobby (see diagram). Any
registered representative may pick up the secondary access passes on behalf of the delegation. A copy of the CSW57
confirmation letter should be brought for verification purposes.
Distribution of SETs for side events will take place at a location and time stipulated by the event organizers (see advisory
2 on side events).

NGO Advisory 21 February 2013
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