Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NGO Advisory - Access to CSW57

NGO Advisory 19 February 2013

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Dear Organizations with registered representatives for CSW57,

NGO access will again be extremely limited at official CSW session meetings and events in the North Lawn Building, due to the significantly high number of NGO representatives who have registered. However, all official meetings will be webcast.

You are welcome to follow these broadcasts live or on demand via the CSW webpage at or the United Nations Webcast at
You can also follow @UN_CSW on Twitter to find out about side events, room changes, when check-in lines are shortest and when to pick up side event tickets. Join the Twitter conversation using #CSW57 to share information about your own events. 

Please note:
The United Nations grounds pass will not be sufficient to gain access to the North Lawn Building, where official CSW meetings will take place. Secondary access passes must also be presented to gain access to the building. Two secondary access passes will be given out to each organization as long as supplies last. These are transferable and may be shared with any NGO representative who has a grounds pass. Any registered representative may pick up the secondary access passes on behalf of the delegation. A copy of the CSW57
confirmation letter should be brought for verification purposes.

Tickets for the opening of the session in the GA hall (seating for NGOs is in the fourth balcony) will be distributed together with secondary access passes at the CSW Information Desk in the General Assembly Lobby starting on Friday, 1 March 2013.

Kindly have a signed and completed grounds pass form and an official photoID (passport
if travelling from abroad) ready before queuing for a United Nations grounds pass. The
form is available in the organization’s account on CSO-Net.

Please be reminded that the United Nations will not make arrangements or pay for any costs in connection with travel, visa or accommodation. Such arrangements and costs are the exclusive responsibility of participants. The United Nations does not charge any fees for participation in the Commission on the Status of Women sessions

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