Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Opening Ceremonies

Opening ceremonies in general assembly chair is H.E. Ms. Marjon V. Kamara (Liberia) of the African States Group. A very impressive and inspiring setting, and speeches. The NGOs applauded several times!


Strengthening ECOSOC and what they can do to provide a violence free society.
Women's empowerment is gathering speed. Stories re heartt breaking but not their spirit. Part of one billion rising. knowing is not enough. We must stop it. Resource to reclaim their lives. Vow simply must end. Create a culture of shame for the perpetrators.

Everyone has a responsibility. Be a champion -end violence against women.
Spoke of the affect of conflict and affect on women. Also sanitation. We are here to channel out rage into action. Gather strength, and take actio. Let's get to work.

Michelle Bachelet, Ex. Director UN Women spoke:  the world is watching. Where is the justice?

Thank everyone for coming. Comment on costs. World can no longer afford the costs of violence. Told stories from all parts of the world. We need strong action. spoke about the commission and history of achievement, largest international meeting on violence against women. Now is the time for action. 70 % of women and girls in some countries have been physically abused.
UN Women made VAW a priority whe UN Women founded 2 years ago.
UN must lead by example increase has bee minimal for women accessing the higher ranks.
Key areas, implementation must be accelerated. Unequal implementation. More focus on prevention, dealing with root causes. Foster behaviour changes, with boys and that means partners. Strong message that violence not acceptable and perpetrators will be prosecuted.
Access to services, for those in conflict zones. Reliable data is necessary. Safe cities project an example.
Report from CEDAW gender based violence is discrimination.  187 states are parties.
Report submitted by CEDAW. Conference was held. Celebrated achievements. Inequalities.  Structural and institutional causes. take into account the political and economic systems. Lack of disagravated data. Exercise of due diligence. Report on violence against women with disabilities. More likely to face violence. States should use empowerment model not charity one. Report on v
Country visits to differenst countries by CEDAW.  Will conduct a visit to India. others mentioned where dates are being negotiated. No mention of visit to Canada.

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