Friday, March 8, 2013

Trafficking, what works for you?

An excellent session on trafficking that included Diane Redsky, Linda Mac Donald and Jeanne Sarson


What Works for You?

Power of consumer choices. Check out slavery footprint, to see about purchasing goods.
UNICEF working with agencies and countries to raise awareness. Strong overall child protection system is necessary.

Benita Carter, founder and Executive Director for Breaking Free. 1989, working on this issue. 1972, noticed ad, for dancing, spoke.

Just don't walk away. Overcoming perceptions. Average age, 12 to 14. Thailand and Cambodia is 8 to 12. Pimps know how to hide. Chances of rescuing little girls. But do grow up, and turn 18.

Prostitution is slavery. Variety of services. Hard to understand life of prostitution. No difference between prostitution and trafficking. Average number of times a day, 7 times to perform. Going to take men to stop it. Understand prostitution.

Education and awareness. Prevent future pimps and consumers. Pornogrphy is protitution on paper. Need

Diane Redsky spoke on the over representation of aboriginal women. Over 500 missing and murdered aboriginal women. Survey vulnerable youth, know very little, prevention important. Women who became advocates. Made it a child protection issue. Manitoba strategy  Tracia's Trust, sexual exploitation unit, players at the table, police, child services, survivors, community value based services, not rules based. Communities empowered. Outreach to young people. Safe places for children to go, breaking the silence. Shift culture. Grandmothers, men, tool kits. Mandatory training for hotel staff to recognize traffickers.

Child protection and police work together.

Empowerment, opportunities for survivors.

Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson, from Camada,  non state torture. You can see their web site here.

Public health nurses, work with children, beyond trafficking. Perpetrators go looking for children who are groomed. Issue is invisible. Exit the groups they have been born into. These women and children fall into definition.

Important to name the crime. Pedeophilic use 26%  torture,. perpetrators use it for fun.

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