Thursday, March 7, 2013

Violence Against Women and Intersection With Environment

Sustainable development

Root causes of violence in the agreed conclusions about corporate power over human rights.
first speaker, from Guatemala, linking between violence and the environment. Who are the rich countries? Map showing biodiversity.

Mining needs lots of water. Not enough water for women, but water for mining. Militarization also. Resources are for sale. Burning the air, people don't have electricity.

Have seed banks, but need water. deconstructing development, and deconstructing sustainability.
Second speaker, women confronting unsustainable development. Monoculture extensive.
Third speaker the affects of nuclear weapon, nuclear energy. From former Russian countries, kazastan.  Pictures of affects of mining, nuclear testing, full nuclear cycle. Radiation from uranium mining. Radiation in waste. Nuclear cycle is every thing but green. Dig out uranium tailings.True sustainable development principles outlined.

Next speaker, catastrophic consequences of under water mining, and responses. Reject extraction approach , we cannot seperate economic tracts with violence. From body to state, climate change nd rising, seas. Inter state conflicts. Dealing with so many issues around the environmental degradation. 2 of 3 women experience violence.women are out there in Pacific Islands. Papua New Guinea, much money from resources, and violence against women. With the money, prices for child marriage. We need the language. There are many forms of resistance, above and below ground work. In the text health and reproductive rights, structural and economic. Gross distortortions, structural violence.
Last speaker, Japan. Women's voices from Japan. Radiation levels,

What women are doing. Examples - can only go home when radiation levels low enough to be safe, 3 times a year. Molestation of  children at center.where they go to be protected from high levels of radiation.

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