Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Role of Women building Peace

Role of women in building peace.

 Hard security must include civil society, counter terrorism unit. Women learning partnership, women in governance in India, writer from Nairobi, magic, international network of Peacebuilding women,
Trying to take issue, senior human rights officer for cetad, several years to see human rights into account , implementation of 1325 establishing partnership, part of security council work .new. York much of real work taking place in other communities. Conditions ripe for terrorism. Social conditions conducive for fostering terrorism.inevitable lose sight if stay in New York, main pol bodies, have given a green light to work with civil society, sc 1963 to act with the counter terrorism importance of media, private sector,global counter terrorism unit at the Un. Mandat, proceed cautiously, counterterrorism, proceed cautiously. Outreach initiatives. 1624 monitoring, remarkable, incite, look at hateful speech, convene consultations give rise to terrorism, and extremism. Workshops other events planned.

Objectives bring groups together, trust and patience, common ground between govt and civil society. Our conviction bring all groups together. Crucial women's vital role. Our work with partnershowtodeal with terrorism ,  do civil society groups want to be seen worki g with governments, working with counter terrorist groups. Un reaching ot, bring women's groups together with govt.

Mavic, should women human work with counter terrorism. Introduce network. Maintenance services, national action network 1325 and relatedresolutions.  advocate for women engaging in the proces, but right women. Advocate for women to participle in formal negotiation.formal peace negotiation, framed by the states. Example phillipines, groups to be taken out of the list,peace talks stalled, example from Columbia. Happy groups having discussion also concerned about  definition,
Catherine Harrington from WLP, 20 independent representatives. Looking at root causes. Hunan security talking about, even before 9:11, re emphasizing human security as the approach. Examples, what is the definition, is it security during war,or is it during peace. All phases of security. Need to have a voice on all these issues. Couple of examples, northern Nigeria, unstable. Relations with women victimized, implement training sessions, young women, mentored. Many working on food security, related different issues, but cross cutting.look for action, try and take human security approach. Start to talk about human security, not just military approach, holistic approach.
Robert, journalist, community dev. Approach. Kenya, say no to violence and terrorism. Use music and dance. Women demonstrating against terrorism, condemning terrorism in Kenya, guys recruited and taken to Somalia. Numbers, without any support. Omen have proven to be strong.povert led to powerless ness. How do you make decision, to join terrorist organization.because of poverty accept son going into military.  Your mom doing the wrong thing, you have to join.

Bonita, from India,
research, called by police, missing people gives extraordinary powers. Perpetrators go free. Ongoinsexual and armedforces onvolve
Govt  conflict, armed groups haveser powerall military, monitoring bank account, human rights defenders funding stopped.india revoked 4000 spite counter approach. Other organizations concern about missing woman.

Questions, women working together, every organization patriarchal ,an organization of power.
Legitimate speech being seen as terrorism, wo,en should not be involved. Military manufacturers,rofiling in USA. Human security handle the budget, debunk connection human security and high security. 2012 military manuf from security council.
Non violent responses to deal with conflict. Training in non violent means. Men standing for rights, but not use violence.
Counter terrorism human rights framework rather than human security. Need to address root causes of conflict. Grass roots women defining security.
Can't have security without recommending at broader context, both human rights ans human security important, Un needs to distinguish it self about terrorism, if Un serious about terrorism needs to take a seperate approach, human rights approach, great progress. Have to be stronger unacceptable, pit human rights at the core,has to be centred on causes, interest if that is basis for dialogue. Conditions conducive to terrorism.  Un has to work get the support of civil society.
Willingness to work with civil society in an equal partnership. Women in positions women in security sector. India sent all women's unit,incr,ease of reporting, and interstate in all women unit in Liberia.b

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