Tuesday, March 5, 2013

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 -what lies ahead,

Moderated by HE Mr.  Garden Nazarian, ambassador, permanent Representative of Armenia to the UN, former chair of CSW.

Hope discussions will accelerate implementation of 1325.

1st speaker, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. UN 1325 almost 13 years ago, he is critical. there has been more efforts on procedures, not on implementation. Contains concepts such as right to protect  needs wide range of  procedures. Sexual violence and torture, don't always wear a uniform. Women in areas of conflict  have little protection. Investigation by ICC, must end impunity. Still have countries that haven't signed on to the Statute.

Women must be part of peace negotiations. There are examples. National Action plans. Estonia completing second report.

Reviewed a number of actions be Estonia. Security Council recommendation that 40 % of jobs after the war be resolved war be reserved for women.

Presentation by Bineta Diop, founder and president femmes Africa solidarity. Seen a lot if impact of war on women. . Recognize regional plans. Support from partner organizations.

Description: Panel discussion will identify the best practices and challenges in implementing 1325 and supporting WPS resolutions.
Main Sponsoring Organizations: Permanent Mission of Armenia to the UN;  Permanent Mission of Estonia the UN; International Civil society Action Network/Global Network of Women Peacebuilders; NGO Committee on the Status of Women, Armenian Relief Society Inc.
Some of the comments:
  • Although there have been 40 Action Plans by countries on the Implementation of 1325, they are of different and varying quality.
  • Giving voice to women - serious problems, Important to support women's civil society.
  • The Macedonia Council of Women spoke about some of the important work they are doing. 
  • Mediation process - we need standards for the process, and ensure mediation includes gender expertise, as well as the voices of grass roots women.
  • No access to funds to support civil society and the inclusion of women as envisioned by SC 1325.
An excellent session, but much work needs to be done.

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