Friday, March 8, 2013

NGO Briefing Thursday morning

New draft of the Agreed Conclusionsl have another discussion today. Consensus on a good text.
Issues, women in armed conflict, reproductive health, state sovereignty. Preliminary state. Will know more by end of today. para can change interpretation. Strategy, comprehensive, don't focus on just one.

UN Women Kirsten Hettle, partnership division.

Comit campaign, led by Kirsten's department. Kick off today of the negotiations. Meeting with some states and NGOs. Commitment by member states. Next week will know how negotiations are going. message to be ambitious in work when having bilaterals. Now or never feeling.

UN women and UNPA in the room. Offer technical expertise. Member states feel beleaguered. Are under pressure. We need to work together. Question what if things fall apart, do what is necessary. Reaffirming agreements. Asking for re confirmation, hold to their existing agreements.

IWD events, 2 events, march taking place, and event in conference room 2. AWID march as well.
Join regional caucus, 12.30 Armenian conference center.

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