Wednesday, March 6, 2013


VIOLENCE COMMITED IN THE NAME OF "HONOUR" was hosted by Canada. It attracted a good crowd. The presentations included researchers and providers from the UK as well as Canada. Minister Ambrose welcomed everyone and gave the opening remarks.

Hosted by Canada
introducction of Rona Ambrose, Minister Status of Women Canada

Modrator remarks: violence is not accepted. Culturally driven violence - Aruna Papp, special speaker, reject  all forms of violence, it is a true pleaseure to work with, Aruna Papp author of  Unworthy Creature, met at book launch. enhancing knowledge.

As minister, met with many women from ethnic communities Call for action with grass roots organizations - responded with ground breaking projects. Indo community funded first national conference, that provided service providers. How to best support ictims, more public education is required.  - eleminating harmful practices. Social Services in norther Ontario, engaging youth in the community, silenceing in South Asian community.

Aruna Papp, opportunity here, working in the community. painful journey, father prominent in India and Canada, Painful - left marriage. Uncles met, to teach her a lesson. Took daughters and ran. When i was going thru problem. Fears going to therapist. Counselor couldn't understand. Cultural conflicts in counselling. Train professionals, huge cultural gap between them and those that need help. Travel country, and US, training service proveds. Violence, based on patriarchy, but culturally rooted. Police, shelters have to be trained. Don't apply to immigrant and refugee clients. Tons of research that immigrant women don't come back. Within presentation is culturally based. If don't know cultural background will have problems. Cultural barriers between clients and service providers. These are cultural barriers. Take tool that you have, and add to it to make it work for immigrant women.
Larisa  from UK, Women's Aid UK. All customs start somewhere. Pay tributre to those that adeal with violence. Black women - working at IM . No excuses for violence, don't repeat their excuses. On positive side, awareness make it positive. Police chanigng practices. Concerned about way it is reported in the media. Patriarchy at the souce of the problme. Will do almost anything to save the women and girs. Politically immovable. As honour from certain groups, regions. black and minority women, culture, living in fear, become a political foot ball, and third frbm ame immigration policy. important to ask the right questions.

third speaker from the UK, speaks ofr esearch. Risk assessment , used by other than police, women relatives checking on woman in shelter. Could be of cwill we be able to come up with rsoncn. v research is lacking. Training very crucial. kurdish and arabic , collectivity - women facing vilence from man's large collectvity. victimized by family very terrible.  HBV research lacking. Bundle of intensifiers.

fourth speaker - South Asia, from USA, South Asia, research. how in government we can advocate.Role is to advoac for full empowerment. Office was elevated under Hilary Clinton. For stable governments, need eqaulity of women. Vilence carried out by family members. Structural ineqalities. Examining rape law in Pakistan. honour a tradition in many cultures. Honour represented in the body of the women. If damaged, then father has the right to compensation. Leads to acts of violence. worked in Islamabad, saw eveidence. Man has total control over her, and for her life. Encouraged others to intervene to address the issue. Support NGOs who are riaising issue. An issue inmany countries. in 2012 office came across women in small village. Story of womean in Pakinstan, spoke out about , Kris stofanson, story of pakistani woman who spoke out about honour in her life.
HBV very new in Canada. a lot of backlsash. peace for families.  in the US, Imamas doing training. women feeling empowermeent. servcie providers - domestic violence refugees linear definition, how is country portrayed is the question.

Question is it only culture, is it economy. different experience in Canada and UK, is with families with money, and education. Culture clash. Using culture to keep them inot control. Unrest social insecurwoity yes. Living in a global village - qhat is the US doing to raise awareness. Informaition on honour related crimes. Report - human rights reports.

women's health in her hands - key priority is mental health - health centre in Toronto. Stigma around mental health. abusive relatonship brought mental breakdown. Not just mothers, research of suicide rate - personal crisies crammed into age practise. definitely a correlation. paulette from Y., we really need to look at hbv, not a new phenonema, historical continutity. When it comes from any relegion - control, links of similarity. Not an odd cultural practise. Woemne's oprresiion looking at effective practices, within this particular  important to join the dots.

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